Who bought RipTide Car Wash?

Magnolia Wash Holdings acquired RipTide Car Wash Oct 03, 2022.

M&A History
Acquisition Date
October 3, 2022
Primary State
North Carolina
Site Quantity
Deal Value
Transaction Synopsis
  • Express Wash Operations, LLC, d/b/a Magnolia Wash Holdings ("Magnolia") has completed the acquisition of 16 car washes across 4 different transactions and 3 states. 
  • These transactions included the acquisition of car wash locations from RipTide Car Wash, Whatta Wash, Splash-N-Dash, and Pirates Cove Car Wash in North Carolina, Virginia, and South Carolina. 
  • Magnolia now operates 35 express car washes in the Southeastern United States, with locations spanning from Florida to Virginia.
Market Significance
  • Magnolia continues to execute its strategy of creating regional density in the Southeastern United States. 
  • Magnolia operates several brands across the Southeastern U.S market.  
  • Magnolia Wash Holdings is currently pursuing acquisitions in both new and existing markets in the Southeastern United States. 
Client Impact
Management Quote

"We are proud to have met the objectives of these sellers and are excited to welcome our new teammates to the Magnolia family. The addition of these locations adds density to our North Carolina operations and provides scale ahead of in-process greenfield developments in Upstate South Carolina and Eastern Virginia."

Kyle Poyer, Chief Financial Officer of Magnolia
Kyle Poyer, Chief Financial Officer of Magnolia