Leading M&A Advisor for Car Wash Owners

We sell car washes for single or multi-location owners.

Leading M&A Advisor for Car Wash Owners

We sell car washes for single or multi-location owners.

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Car Wash Advisory is among the top providers of car wash brokerage services in the United States. Whether you’re looking to sell your car wash or raise money to make it a more profitable business, our team of seasoned car wash industry veterans is ready to make it happen. From finding you the right deal based on your goals, to providing advice on the right ways to improve your car wash business, we have the tools and experience needed to provide you with real solutions. Learn more about our car wash brokerage services below.

Car Wash Brokerage Services

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Sell Your Car Wash

Car wash business owners looking to sell their business do not need to look any further for an all-in-one solution. At Car Wash Advisory, we work alongside our customers to find them the best offer based on their end goal. What’s more, is that we're not just looking for a percentage of the sale. If we think that your car wash has room to grow before an even more profitable sale, we’ll help you get on the track to a higher return on your investment. Car Wash Advisory works to help sell car wash businesses of different sizes. From a single location car wash to massive multi-location car washes, we can be of assistance.

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Financing Services

Have an idea of how to improve your existing car wash business? At Car Wash Advisory, we’re experts in the field of car wash financing. From building new locations to improving your equipment, just about anything you could need to raise money for your car wash business is on the table at Car Wash Advisory. We’ll confidentially provide options for raising capital based on your situation, whether it’s a percentage of the business or taking out a standard loan. If we think there are better ways for you to improve your car wash business and grow, we’ll give you the advice and information necessary to make your plan happen.

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Buy a Car Wash

In the market to acquire a car wash but need help with part of the process? Car Wash Advisory offers buyer-side Car Wash Representation. We strive to make the process of buying a car wash easy. Whether you're an individual buyer, family office, or institutional investment fund - we're here to help you achieve your car wash ownership and return objectives by representing you. For assistance in buying a car wash, trust the experts at Car Wash Advisory.

About Car Wash Advisory

Car Wash Advisory is the top solely car wash focused investment bank, transaction advisor, and broker in the United States. We aim to always provide honest, authentic, and professional car wash transaction advice. We hold ourselves to the highest of standards, allowing us to produce best-in-class results.

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Trust & Integrity

Trust lies at the core of anything worth doing, any relationship worth having, and any endeavor worth embarking on. Trust and integrity lie at Car Wash Advisory’s very core, as well. In fact, we’re most proud of knowing that our clients genuinely and rightfully trust us and take confidence in the security and professionalism we provide. Here at Car Wash Advisory we do what we say and we don’t take trust lightly.

Industry Specialization

To be good at everything is to be decidedly exceptional at nothing. In no industry does this hold true more than in the specialty business of car washes. That’s why Car Wash Advisory doesn’t do everything. We sell car washes, and, combined with our deep industry experience and focus, provide nothing short of exceptional results.

Welcoming & Approachable

At Car Wash Advisory our #1 goal is to provide the best advice and to determine how we can best help your business succeed. Even in the hottest of markets, it may not always be the right answer to sell. But it’s always the right time to face the tough questions head on and with a trusted, welcoming, and knowledgeable party. Let us help you determine the best policy and processes for achieving your business goals!

Our Client’s Experience


Jeff Bankey & Russ' Auto Wash

Sites: 2
Model: Express
Tunnel: 100ft

“Car Wash Advisory sold my wash for more than expected and faster than expected. Simply great.”

Jeff Bankey, Owner Russ' Auto Wash
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Had a great experience!

“Car Wash Advisory sold my wash for more than expected and faster than expected. Simply great.”

- Mike Wasik, Car Wash Seller
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Everything was smooth
and easy.

“It was a pleasure working with CWA. I look forward to working on more transactions in the future.”

- T. Diaz, Real Estate Broker
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Five out of Five Stars!

“Harry and CWA were different than any other car wash broker. I felt confident the entire time.”

- T. Sullivan, Car Wash Buyer
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"The car wash industry is changing. You need someone that can get it done at a level of service and professionalism that matches. Enter CWA."

- A. Kwon, Carwash Seller
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"CWA is worth every single penny of commission! They over delivered and under promised."

- N. Luciani, Carwash Seller
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"Fantastic people to work with. They set reasonable expectations and clear goals that they were engaged with their clients."

- C. Rodik, Carwash Seller
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Get Your Confidential Car Wash Valuation!

Discover what your car washes are worth in today's market. Then, and only then, can you decide whether it's the right time for you to sell.

Discover What Your Washes are Worth
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It’s 100% Free & Confidential

Our Car Wash Selling Process

Car Wash Advisory team


When you first reach out to Car Wash Advisory, we’ll ask you a series of questions to create an accurate valuation of your car wash. It all starts with a conversation, discussing the specifics of your business, how it performs, and what you’re looking to accomplish out of selling your car wash. We’ll then use this information to craft the valuation of your car wash to let you know what we expect to get from the sale. 


In some cases, it isn’t the right time to sell a car wash. From the business having more room to grow, the work still fulfilling to the owners or the market in the area not being right at the moment, there are many reasons why selling your car wash may not be the right move. That’s where our name “Car Wash Advisory” comes into the picture. We’ll give you the advice you need to get your car wash in a better position to sell. Or, if it is the right time to sell, we’ll walk you through the different sale options and bids for your business. 

Time To Sell

If we’ve come to an agreement with a buyer, we’ll handle the entire sales process. Each step of the sales process will be handled by us, making it a breeze for car wash business owners to sell their business. It’s never been easier to sell your car wash business thanks to the team at Car Wash Advisory. 

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Upcoming Events

Connect with Car Wash Advisory either online or in person by attending one of our upcoming events. From trade shows to online webinars and more, the team at Car Wash Advisory is eager to educate potential customers and the general public alike about the car wash industry. Whether you're curious to learn more about how we can help sell your business, or you're learning more about the industry before you dive in, our events are a great place to get knowledge from insiders and those working in the field. We look forward to meeting you!

The Car Wash Show

Date: May 8–10, 2023
Las Vegas Convention Center - Las Vegas, NV

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Ready to get started on selling your car wash business? Reach out to the team at Car Wash Advisory online or over the phone for a free confidential consultation.

“Selling your car wash can be a stressful process. Let us help guide you through the process and get you the right price for your hard work and investment."

Harry Caruso
Car Wash Advisory Founder
Harry Caruso Car Wash Advisory team

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