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Car Wash Advisory is the industry expert when it comes to helping potential business owners purchase conveyorized tunnel car washes. From single-location car washes to multi-location national chains, we’ve helped both individuals and investment funds buy car wash businesses. No matter where in the car wash buying process you are, Car Wash Advisory and our team of finance, real estate, and car wash professionals can help.

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Whether you’ve found the picture-perfect car wash for you, or you need help finding the right business, Car Wash Advisory can be of assistance. By managing negotiations, material requests and analysis, offer-making, financing, and closing, Car Wash Advisory makes the car wash purchasing process stress free. What’s more, is that we take everything into consideration regarding the car wash you’re interested in purchasing. Is it in a good location, what’s the street traffic volume and is it a profitable car wash? Additionally, does it fit within your budget? All of these factors are taken into consideration by Car Wash Advisory, allowing us to match our sellers to buyers in a meaningful way. When you’re ready to buy a car wash, let Car Wash Advisory do all of the hard work on your behalf.

Need Financing?Car Wash Advisory Can Help!

Car Wash Advisory can help with everything related to buying a car wash business, including financing. We have a team of finance professionals that are ready to help our potential customers buy a car wash within their budget. Since every car wash business is different, there are different considerations to make regarding financing needs. We’ll help you come to a conclusion that works for you in the car wash you decide to buy, and help you get the capital you need to make the purchase.

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Buying A Car Wash FAQs

Our buy-side clients often have many questions regarding the purchase process for a car wash business. See some of our most frequently asked car wash buying questions below.

Can Car Wash Advisory Help With Financing?

Absolutely! At Car Wash Advisory, we can assist with just about anything related to the purchase of a car wash, and financing is no exception. Exactly how we can assist with financing tends to be on a case-by-case basis based on individual goals, but in most cases,  we can be of help when it comes to financing your car wash business purchase.

How Much Cash Down Is Required To Buy A Car Wash?

Typically, you’ll need between 10% and 25% cash down to purchase a car wash. Exactly how much money down required to purchase a car wash business is dependent upon several factors, including the loan type, the loan amount, Pro-forma debt service coverage, creditworthiness, personal financial state, industry experience, as well as the strength of the underlying asset of the car wash, as well as the property being purchased alongside it.

How many car washes do you have for sale?

At Car Wash Advisory, we take confidentiality seriously. Therefore, we can’t disclose the exact amount of car wash businesses in our inventory. To learn more about the car washes we have for sale, reach out to us and we’ll develop an understanding of your goals, and in turn, match you with the right car wash business for you to purchase.

How do I get started with Car Wash Advisory?

Simply fill out our form, and one of our team members will reach out to you to get you started on the journey of purchasing your own car wash business.

What types of car washes does Car Wash Advisory sell?

Car Wash Advisory specializes in the buying and selling of conveyorized tunnel car washes. These types of car washes load the vehicle onto a conveyor, which then guides the car through a series of detergent applications, and other car wash equipment including a rinse and dryer system.

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Our team of finance and car wash professionals and advisors would be delighted to discuss your business, how you’d like to improve it, and your financing needs. Contact us online or give us a call today!