Car Wash Financing & Capital Raising

We're experts in mid-to-large scale car wash related capital & financing needs.

Why Car Wash Advisory?

Car Wash Advisory brings the industry expertise and financial acumen to achieve best-in-industry capital solutions for growing your car wash company.

Every car wash company is different. What the best capital raise or financing solution is for one car wash owner may not be the same optimal solution to another. What’s of critical importance is to first, define the right structure and goals of the capital raise, and second, to know the options (and all the options).Then and only then can the truly optimal capital solution be found. Keep in mind: Identifying the correct amount of debt and/or equity that you require for today’s needs and in the future is a complex and difficult task. Choose Car Wash Advisory to get it right the first time.

Extensive Network

Our extensive network of lenders is also well-versed in car washes and is ready to lend to our customers.


Car Wash Advisory is the intersection of investment banking and the car wash industry.

Fast & Real Results

You’ll know all your options, and will be provided with projected timelines that make you feel confident about your decision. 


If there’s a more optimal approach than the standard financing solution, we’ll know about it and make it happen. 

Capital Solutions We Provide

We provide end-to-end transaction services for your car wash-related capital raising needs – whether general opportunistic growth capital, specific acquisition growth, bridge financing, interim liquidity – CWA has you covered when it comes to raising capital for your car washes and or car wash ventures.

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Objectives & Uses

Growth via acquisition strategy
New car wash build-based growth strategy
General growth capital and new site facilitation
Refinancing out of the current debt structure
Gain a committed capital partner for strategic growth

Sources & Options

Majority and minority equity
Senior secured term loans
Junior, subordinated, and mezzanine facilities
Structured debt capital
Structured equity capital

Our Process

We have designed our methods by leveraging years of industry experience to develop a process which results in the highest chance of success.


Step 1: Determine your Capital Needs

The first step is understanding our client's strategic goals which allows us to strike a balance of raising enough capital to execute your vision but not taking on too much capital to excessively dilute existing shareholders and/or put too much leverage on the business.


Step 2: Determine the Funding Type

CWA helps decide between debt, equity or a blend of both. It is important to note that the best option for one car wash owner may not work for another and we will outline the pros and cons to ensure you are comfortable and have the education necessary to move forward in the right direction.


Step 3: Valuing the Business

It is essential to have a valuation of your business and the implications on raising both debt and equity capital. We are car wash industry experts that can provide an accurate value range for your car wash portfolio based on our experience with previous transactions and market knowledge.


Step 4: Connecting to Investors

Reaching the right capital providers is essential to a successful process. CWA has an extensive network of car wash investors and lenders and will develop a customized participant list to contact. We distribute a 1-page "teaser" providing an overview of the opportunity to generate interest among participants, before providing detailed information on your business to those capital providers that sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).


Step 5: Offer

At the end of the process, capital providers who wish to invest in, or lend to, your business will provide a non-binding term sheet document that summarizes the main terms of their proposed deal.

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Our team of finance and car wash professionals and advisors would be delighted to discuss your business, how you’d like to improve it, and your financing needs. Contact us online or give us a call today!