Zips Car Wash acquires Boomerang Car Wash

Boomerang Car Wash was acquired by ZIPS Car Wash on Feb 05, 2017.

Deal Overview
Purchase Date
February 5, 2017
Primary State
Sites Bought
Deal Value
Transaction Synopsis
  • Zips Car Wash completed the acquisition of Boomerang Car Wash, a 31-site package.
  • At the time, this was the largest single-company transaction in the history of the car wash industry.
  • “We’re excited to announce that the entire Boomerang management team is staying onboard with Zips,” Overman stated. “Boomerang is a great company, and James Burks has done a fabulous job leading Boomerang to its position as one of the country’s most respected car wash organizations."
Market Significance

This acquisition took Zips from 23 to 54 sites, making it the third largest conveyor or tunnel car wash chain.

Client Impact
Management Commentary