Mammoth Holdings LLC Acquires Marc-1 Car Wash

Marc-1 Car Wash was acquired by Mammoth Holdings LLC on Oct 18, 2018.

Deal Overview
Purchase Date
October 18, 2018
Primary State
Sites Bought
Deal Value
Transaction Synopsis
  • Mammoth Holdings LLC has successfully completed the acquisition of Marc-1 Car Wash.
  • This transaction consisted of seven sites around the Birmingham and Montgomery, AL markets.
Market Significance

"When I looked at this opportunity a couple months ago, it made sense to me immediately," said Marcus Kittrell, the founder of Marc-1 Car Wash who will be senior vice president of operations and M&A for Mammoth in addition to being a major investor. Kittrell added, "I spent the better part of my life building my business, and joining forces with operators I trust and respect, who are as passionate about customer service and providing a great place to work for their associates as I am, was an easy decision."

Client Impact
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