WhiteWater Express acquires HyperShine Car Wash

Hypershine Car Wash was acquired by WhiteWater Express Car Wash on Apr 05, 2021.

Deal Overview
Purchase Date
April 5, 2021
Primary State
Sites Bought
Deal Value
Transaction Synopsis

WhiteWater Express Car Wash acquired 10 new car wash locations from HyperShine Car Wash throughout Ohio, Kentucky, and Michigan.

Market Significance

WhiteWater and HyperShine plan to develop 20 additional locations together across Ohio, Michigan, and Kentucky with a development partnership over the next three years.

Client Impact
Management Commentary

"We are thrilled about the opportunity to add HyperShine to the WhiteWater family. Dan and his team have done an outstanding job of site selection and building a great brand in these markets. One of our visions for WhiteWater has always been to expand into the Midwest and build a geographically diverse car wash business."

Clayton Clark, President and COO of WhiteWaterClayton Clark, President and COO of WhiteWater
Clayton Clark, President and COO of WhiteWater