IMO Car Wash Group Acquires Goo-Goo 3 Minute Express Car Wash

Goo-Goo 3 Minute Express Car Wash was acquired by IMO Car Wash Group on Aug 14, 2017.

Deal Overview
Purchase Date
August 14, 2017
Primary State
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Transaction Synopsis

Britain- based IMO Car Wash Group performs a complete take over of Goo-Goo 3 Minute Express Car Wash

Market Significance
  • Known as the “The World’s No. 1 Car Wash Group” with approximately 840 car washes spread across 15 countries in Europe, IMO Car Wash Group performs its first entrant into the U.S. Market in immense fashion by acquiring all 53 of Goo-Goo’s car wash sites.
  • Goo-Goo 3 Minute Car Wash Express Car Wash has been a staple for customers in Columbus, Georgia where their site was founded in 1970. Since then, they had grown to 53 sites spread across Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, and Texas. Despite the take over, former Chief Operating Officer of Goo-Goo Car Wash and current Regional Vice President of Operations for IMO, Phil Wise, has stated that all operations will remain the same and customers should not feel any form of significant change whatsoever.

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