ZIPS Car Wash acquires Wash City Car Wash

Wash City Car Wash was acquired by ZIPS Car Wash on Sep 26, 2022.

Deal Overview
Purchase Date
September 26, 2022
Primary State
Sites Bought
Deal Value
Transaction Synopsis
  • ZIPS Car Wash recently expanded into the Central Florida market with the acquisition of 6 car washes in the greater Orlando area. 
  • ZIPS acquired car washes from Wash City Car Wash in the locations of Orlando, Kissimmee, Lake Wales, Avon Park, Oviedo, and Winter Garden, all of which are located within the Central Florida region.
  • This acquisition marks the 45th car wash purchased by ZIPS in 2022.
Market Significance
  • These acquisitions now bring ZIPS Car Washes inland within the state of Florida, with other ZIPS being located in coastal towns like Miami and Pensacola. 
  • ZIPS now owns and operates 15 car washes across the state of Florida and 250 across the United States. 
Client Impact
Management Commentary

“We’ve partnered with other large retailers to extend discounts and perks to our customers and theirs, making the partnerships meaningful and sustainable for both brands. The ZIPSme portal is the gateway for our customers to get more out of their ZIPS experience and it’s our goal to make the platform a valuable resource and fun part of their relationship to our brand.”

Mark Youngworth, Chief Marketing Officer, ZIPS Car WashMark Youngworth, Chief Marketing Officer, ZIPS Car Wash
Mark Youngworth, Chief Marketing Officer, ZIPS Car Wash