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The Different Methods


Are you considering selling your car wash and unsure of where to start? Or maybe you've already started the process and your not confident you took the best approach. Regardless of what stage of selling your currently at, whether just contemplating or a month in and stagnant, this piece is worth a read. Let's layout the options and the pros and cons of each. Read more...

Let’s Decipher the Mess of Terms


Terminology should never keep anyone from taking action or learning. It’s an unfortunate truth that most industries have an internal vernacular that can often be confusing and overwhelming. The car wash industry is no exception. To make matters more convoluted, many of the terms are not mutually exclusive and therefore often overlap with each other. Read more...

Owning vs. Leasing

Should I only buy a car wash if the real estate is included? How much more or less should I pay for a car wash depending on whether the dirt is owned and included? How is owning a car wash without real estate going to impact me as the new owner, both now and later on down the road? These questions are asked quite often. Let's dive in and get to the answers. Read more...

Deep Dive By Wash Type


It all boils down to profit in the end. But what's the "correct" way to measure profitability? Although exploring this question and analysis exercise on a per car unit economic basis seems like the logical route, it may not be the correct approach. Let's take a deep dive into profitability by car wash type and get to the bottom of these essential questions Coming soon...