January 1, 2022

Car Wash Valuations

The Definitive Quick Guide

Created and Written by Car Wash Advisory Team

If you are looking to determine the value of a car wash business – you’re in the right place. Determining what a car wash is worth, although not rocket science, certainly has multiple layers and nuances. Car Wash Valuation is admittedly a bit more complex than just a single simple equation or calculation.

Car Wash Valuations

This quick definitive guide will serve as an abbreviated reference point for those looking to quickly uncover at what prices and valuations carwashes transact. The nuances that exist and accompany car wash valuation cannot be even near fully covered in a single infographic such as this. These more subtle points and nuances, especially those which are more qualitative than quantitative, can impact valuation quite drastically – so please be aware of such.

If you’re a current car wash owner and operator, know that the process of selling your car wash should include far more in-depth and comprehensive analysis. Despite what method you decide to use to sell your car wash, it’s important that a full valuation analysis be done. If you’re utilizing a third party such as a broker to sell your car wash, it behooves you to ensure that they are well equipped, capable and knowledgeable enough to run full comprehensive valuation analyses. This requires a firm understanding of the quantitative, but also the many qualitative aspects specific to your car wash.

If you’re a multi-site owner, your most likely best served through a traditional M&A Advisory process when selling as opposed to a more standard brokerage approach. Regardless, the same is true. General and naive multiple application is far from the whole story and much more is necessary to get to the true valuation of your carwashes. This type of more detailed and complete valuation is truly the only way to uncover and achieve maximum value for your car washes during a sale process.

If you’re a buyer looking to acquire a car wash, the same applies. This quick definitive guide does not take into account many points which ultimately do go into a true, fair, and prudent valuation and willingness to pay analysis.

Next in Learning What a Car Wash is Worth

With us being on the mission of truly illuminating car wash valuations, and the processes and methodologies which underly such, stay tuned for our upcoming multi-part series “What’s My Car Wash Worth?”. This larger series will cover very in-depth and deep dives into the specific topics of car wash valuation methodologies, applicable buyer universes and the impact of such on valuations, valuation modifiers, and finally a full quantitative analysis of years of car wash valuations over time to show true empirically-backed, adjusted, and normalized carwash transaction valuation multiples.

For now, this quick guide will provide you with a reference point of car wash prices and valuation multiples in today’s market. Please stay tuned for more coming soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the value of a car wash determined?

Several factors work into the valuation of a car wash business. Two of the most important factors regarding the valuation of a car wash business are how much revenue the car wash generates, as well as the type of car wash that it is. There are multiple types of car washes, and some are more valuable to potential buyers than others. In the case of a car wash valuation, these different car wash types are known as wash models.

How much is a typical car wash business worth?

The typical value of a car wash business can vary greatly depending on machinery, features, real estate, and more. At Car Wash Advisory, our team can help you further understand the value of a car wash business and why it may be listed at the price it is. To learn more about the cost of purchasing a car wash, contact the team at Car Wash Advisory today.