July 14, 2022

Champion Xpress acquires Super Clean Car Wash in Galesburg.

GALESBURG — Champion Xpress Carwash, a family-owned and operated automated tunnel car wash company with locations across Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, New Mexico and Utah, has acquired Super Clean Car Wash in Galesburg.

The tunnel car wash at 334 E. Carl Sandburg Drive will be the first Champion Xpress in Illinois. Champion Xpress also acquired the Super Clean Car Wash in Burlington, Iowa.

"When looking for partners in the car wash industry, we strive to identify companies that currently serve their customers and communities with a high standard. We have found that in Super Clean,” said Michael Murry, CEO of Champion Xpress Carwash.

"The Super Clean washes will continue operations as normal for the immediate future and will be integrated into the Champion brand with select advancements over the next few months."

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Champion Xpress has plans to completely renovate the two former Super Clean facilities with all new equipment and technology. It will feature Ceramic X3, an advanced ceramic process that produces "an unparalleled polished look." It's three-step ceramic-infused process is applied after surface contaminants have been washed away from the surface of your car.

“I feel confident in the leadership of Champion Xpress and the opportunities they will serve our communities well and provide our team members both personal and career growth," said Galesburg's Mark Kleine, owner of Super Clean Car Wash. "I look forward to watching them serve our industry and community well.”

The 110-foot tunnel style Super Clean Car Wash opened in late 2015 and had the capacity to handle 100 cars per hour.

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Currently operating 17 locations, Champion Xpress has an aggressive expansion goal of 50-plus sites by 2023. Champion Xpress touts a superior chemical presentation and the latest industry technology to provide a clean car and exceptional customer experience.

Like Super Clean, Champion Xpress also will offer a monthly pass program for members.

According to FAQ provided by Champion Xpress, all Super Clean Car Wash members that had an active monthly plan as of July 12 still have an active monthly wash plan with no changes. After the transition to the Champion Xpress brand in mid-August, all Super Clean Car Wash members that had a monthly plan as of mid-August, will have the opportunity to easily renew their wash plan with Champion Xpress Carwash.

During that time, members will be asked to swipe their credit card at the pay station and will only be charged $1 for their first-month membership under the Champion Xpress brand. This will allow current Super Clean members the opportunity to test the new Champion Xpress model, with unlimited washes for only $1.

Existing members can check out the company's website for a FAQ regarding plans.