Who bought Speedy Splash?

Club Car Wash acquired Speedy Splash Aug 01, 2022.

M&A History
Acquisition Date
August 1, 2022
Primary State
Site Quantity
Deal Value
Transaction Synopsis
  • Club Car Wash, based in the state of Missouri, announced their acquisition of Arkansas-based Speedy Splash Car Wash.
  • With this acquisition, Club Car Wash entered the Arkansas market for the first time, with 9 of their newly acquired locations being in Arkansas and one being in Oklahoma.  
  • The acquisition is effective immediately, and the newly acquired Speedy Splash locations will rebrand under Club Car Wash by the end of the year.
Market Significance
  • Club Car Wash now has 101 locations with this acquisition, including car washes in the states of Arkansas, Kansas, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas. 
  • The company plans to reach 140 locations by the end of 2022, with acquisitions and new developments in Colorado, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Wisconsin.
Client Impact
Client Testimonial
“We are thrilled to add Speedy Splash Carwash locations into our Club Car Wash family and to serve members in Arkansas and Oklahoma. We look forward to continuing and improving upon the high level of service that Speedy Splash customers are accustomed to.”