Our Selling Process

We know how to sell your carwash. Don't settle. Sell for the full value your car wash is worth.

Why Work with Car Wash Advisory?

Complete Confidentiality
  • You selling your car wash is your and the buyers business. No one elses

  • Comprehensive Buyer Universe
  • Direct relationships to the entire universe of potential buyers

  • Direct Answers with No Runaround
  • How much is your car wash worth?
  • How long would it take to sell?

  • Proactive and Optimal Process
  • No waiting for the right buyers to find the car wash
  • We proactively find the right buyers
  • Selling-Car-Wash-Process

    Our Car Wash Selling Process

    Know What to Expect

    We believe in complete transparency and a structured yet flexible approach


    Meeting of the Minds

    Goal: Determine whether to proceed to Engagement Agreement


    • CWA performs diligence to determine price and salability given expectations
    • CWA strongly encourages you to both 1) Speak with other potential brokers 2) Speak with CWA client references


    • Full proposed sale price structure (contact us for examples)
    • Complete valuation analysis to understand what your car wash is worth
    • Custom proposed marketing plan


    Material Creation

    Goal: Create all materials needed to close sale


    • Financial scrub, adjustment, and analysis
    • Pre-NDA teaser creation
    • Post-NDA full marketing packet


    Initial Market

    Goal: Know most effective approach taken


    • Direct contact to known potential buyers
    • Confidential CWA website listing
    • Third party site listings where desired and fitting


    Selling Process

    Goal: Easiest and best process for the seller


    • CWA handles everything
    • Vetting, fielding, ongoing communications, diligence process escorting

    Our Promise

    To All Car Wash Sellers We Work With

    Car Wash Advisory does not accept all clients. Whether due to a disconnect in expected price, or knowledge that there may be a better brokerage for your specific situation, Car Wash Advisory doesn’t waste anyone’s time.

    We at Car Wash Advisory take what we do very seriously. We pride ourselves in the level of success and professionalism we provide to our clients. The level of results and execution we provide is strongly enabled by our industry specialization.

    We don't believe that anyone, nor any firm, can successfully be experts in all business types. That's why we focus on car washes and only car washes. The type of broker you use for selling your car wash can make a big difference. We are true specialists and always will be.

    When Car Wash Advisory onboards a client, we do so knowing we will sell and get the best result possible.

    Accepting the first offer is rarely the correct choice, and CWA doesn’t advise clients to accept any offer. CWA ensures the client receives, and advises they accept, the best offer.

    When you do decide it's time to sell - know you have options and there are several ways and methods available for selling your car wash. Explore them all and decide which is best for you and your goals.

    If you are considering selling your car wash and would like to know more about what we can provide, feel free to give us a call anytime. There is never an obligation. We are always willing to chat.