Capital Raising

The expert of mid-to-large scale carwash related capital needs

Car Wash Advisory is the premier investment banking firm that specializes in, and only in the, the car wash industry. No matter your carwash related capital needs – CWA is your resident expert and is here to help you and facilitate the obtainment of the capital solution you're in search of.

Our tenured experience and pinpoint industry focus allows us to provide access to not only traditional financing but to the spectrum of alternative financing including hedge funds, private equity, and mezzanine funds.

We provide end-to-end transaction services for your car wash related capital raising needs – whether general opportunistic growth capital, specific acquisition growth, bridge financing, interim liquidity – CWA has you covered when it comes to raising capital for your car washes and or car wash ventures.

Every carwash company is different. What’s the best capital raise or financing solution for one owner of 12 car washes may not be the same optimal solution to another owner of 12 washes. What’s important is to drive to the core and primary drivers and goals of the capital raise, know the options (and all the options), and then and only then can the truly optimal capital solution be found.

We here don’t want you to fall victim to believing that you are incorrectly and arbitrarily limited in the way of capital that is available to you and your washes.

The truth is that the carwash industry and market is having a renaissance of sorts. Investors and capital by the plenty are here. Although it may be hard to find to find on your own, with the right advisor and true industry and capital solutions expert to here to help, you will find that the capital solution you once thought not possible, are readily available.


  • Growth via acquisition strategy
  • New carwash build based growth strategy
  • General growth capital and new site facilitation
  • Refinancing out of current debt structure
  • Gain a committed capital partner for strategic growth


  • Majority and minority equity
  • Senior secured term loans
  • Junior, subordinated and mezzanine facilites
  • Structured debt capital
  • Structured equity capital



  • Minority or majority equity investors and financing
  • Structured options allow for custom tailoring to you and your goals, both now, and down the road
  • Private placements with understanding of the difference between and active and a passive equity investor and investment


  • Bridge financing of all types
  • Management buyout facilitation
  • Structured mezzanine facilities to meet specific and precise goals of the capital raise and use of proceeds


  • Larger debt facility solutions for those outgrowing their current debt capitalization
  • Opportunistic recapitalizations of current debt capital structure to increase profitability and to take advantage of current market rates and dynamics

To learn about our M&A Advisory Services for those looking to exit and sell, please visit our M&A page