The Riptide Car Wash Acquires Miles Auto Spa

Miles Auto Spa was acquired by RipTide Car Wash on Jun 12, 2024.

Deal Overview
Purchase Date
June 12, 2024
Primary State
Sites Bought
Deal Value
Transaction Synopsis

Whistle Express Car Wash’s subsidiary brand, The Riptide Car Wash, acquires a platform in Miles Auto Spa.

Market Significance
  • The Riptide Car Wash, a car wash conglomerate across North Carolina and Virginia, has taken a strong and firm step into the Tennessee market by acquiring 4 Miles Auto Spa car wash sites. On top of the acquisition, Riptide is also in the process of constructing another car wash facility in Nashville as well for a total of 5 car locations in the “Volunteer State”.
  • Such a transaction showcases that acquisitions are still being performed upon proper synergies of the underlying business and acquiring entity along with favorable components of the deal at-hand. The brand now has a total of 26 car wash locations across North Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee.
Client Impact
Management Commentary

“We are excited to welcome the Miles Auto Spa team and their loyal customers to The RipTide Car Wash family. It allows us to expand our footprint to serve in a thriving market like Nashville, in addition to our locations throughout North Carolina and Virginia.”

Chris Gardner, CEO, The RipTide Car WashChris Gardner, CEO, The RipTide Car Wash
Chris Gardner, CEO, The RipTide Car Wash