Splash Car Wash acquires Knockout Car Wash

Knockout Car Wash was acquired by Splash Car Wash on Feb 21, 2023.

Deal Overview
Purchase Date
February 21, 2023
Primary State
New York
Sites Bought
Deal Value
Transaction Synopsis
  • Connecticut-based Splash Car Wash purchased Knockout Car Wash in Guilderland, New York.
  • Knockout Car Wash is outfitted with a 190-foot car wash tunnel, as well as 20 self-service vacuums.
Market Significance
  • This acquisition by Splash Car Wash brings their total site count up to 56.
  • Splash Car Wash has 38 sites in New York, while the rest of their sites are in Connecticut and Vermont. 
  • Splash Car Wash is also in the middle of constructing 2 new sites in the cities of Oswego and Leray, slated to open in May of 2023.
Client Impact
Management Commentary

"This is complementary to our June 2022 acquisition of Wash Boss and further builds out Splash's footprint in the Albany market. The acquisition connects our locations from Long Island through the central, northern and western parts of the state. The Hameroffs did a wonderful job constructing this beautiful carwash and we are proud to continue their legacy."

Mark Curtis, CEO at Splash Car WashMark Curtis, CEO at Splash Car Wash
Mark Curtis, CEO at Splash Car Wash