Mammoth Holdings Acquires Speedy Clean Car Wash

Speedy Clean Car Wash was acquired by Mammoth Holdings LLC on Jan 09, 2023.

Deal Overview
Purchase Date
January 9, 2023
Primary State
Sites Bought
Deal Value
Transaction Synopsis
  • Mammoth, a car wash company, recently acquired Speedy Clean Car Wash in Port Charlotte, Florida. 
  • This acquisition is part of Mammoth’s fast-growing development strategy through the acquisition of existing stores and brands. The new location is on the Gulf Coast of Florida.
Market Significance

Speedy Clean, the second of Mammoth’s Port Charlotte locations, is one of several sites slated for Mammoth’s growth. The store expands Mammoth’s overall footprint throughout the United States, along with an expected 50 new sites under construction that Mammoth plans to complete in 2023. The Speedy Clean location expands Mammoth’s footprint within the Florida market to 11 operating locations.

Client Impact
Management Commentary

“We’re excited to have Speedy Clean join the Mammoth family,” said Dave Hoffmann, Chairman and CEO of Mammoth Holdings. “It’s another step forward in the continuation of our goal of 500 store locations over the next 5 years — Mammoth’s Drive to Five. Our growth depends primarily on new acquisitions and, in addition to greenfield construction, Speedy Clean means another brand now following Mammoth’s mission statement to create a positive, fast, friendly and clean environment for our great customers. It also further secures Mammoth’s hold on the rapidly growing Florida market.”