Ace Auto Washes Acquires Mechigian Auto Washes

Mechigian Auto Washes was acquired by Ace Auto Washes on Apr 14, 2023.

Deal Overview
Purchase Date
April 14, 2023
Primary State
Sites Bought
Deal Value
Transaction Synopsis
  • Ace Auto Washes of Troy has successfully acquired the Mechigian Auto Washes, a trio of car washes owned by Allyson Mechigian in the state of Michigan.
  • Mechigian Auto Washes portfolio includes Lake Effect Auto Wash North, Lake Effect Auto Wash South, and Classic Auto Wash.

Market Significance
  • Before the transaction, Ace Auto Wash operated 4 locations in Detroit, bringing their total site count up to 7 in Michigan alone.
  • “This acquisition will help us enter a different market other than the east side of the market,” says Saman Abdo of Ace Auto Wash. “This acquisition will also lead us into more locations within that market. We’re very excited to remodel these locations and get them up to date with the express car wash model.”
Client Impact
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