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Process of Buying a Car Wash

Initially delving into the carwash sector can often seem overwhelming. After all, one of the primary reasons why the returns of the car wash industry have remained far above other private and alternative industries is due to the difficulty of getting true comfort and reliable insight and advice in relation to the industry.

Below are the different stages of the car wash buying process. Car Wash Advisory is here and able to step in to help at any of these stages and through closing.

Process of Buying a Car Wash


Should You Buy a Car Wash at All?

Car wash ownership can be the perfect fit to achieve an individuals or investment institutions goals. Inordinately fragmented, high margins, defensive and recession resilient, and very operator dependent; in many ways the car wash industry is unlike all others still around in today's world. Not only still around, but thriving and growing, purchasing a car wash might be exactly what you are looking for.

However, as is true with most great things, not everything is correct for everybody. Car washes are no exception to this and are not the correct next move, future career, or next investment venture or focus for everyone or every investment fund.

Car Wash Advisory is happy to discuss this and as to whether car washes are correct for you and your goals.

Which Car Washes Are Right for You?

Once you're able to confidently say the car wash industry is what is next for you or your fund, you next have to determine what car wash type, model, size, geography and current state of function / entry point type and strategy is correct for you.

Dissimilar to what is often initially believed of the car wash industry, there is ample diversity within car wash model types. The differences exceed far beyond just the model itself and vary to a great extent when beginning to consider your goals of investment returns, recurring cash flows, and risk level.

A plug-and-play highly functioning and operating car wash may be the undeniably correct answer for achieving your monetary and involvement goals. However, an undiscovered and unpolished gem that can be had at a discount and provides an exponentially higher anticipated return on your investment and capital injection might be.

Taking your goals, both financial and other, and determining the correct criteria and constraints that define your target car wash is an exercise that Car Wash Advisory is here and able to help you work through with confidence.



Identifying Fitting Wash Population

After the right wash has been determined along with all the associated criteria defining what makes "right" in your instance, it's time to go find the entire universe that fits these criteria.

Good thing we spend all day everyday deeply entrenched in this industry and have both systems and knowledge to get you a definitive and conclusive population of car washes and car wash build sites and real estate that fit your car wash criteria.

Finding Actionable Fitting Washes

Most car washes are for sale if approached and dealt with properly. Car Wash owners, especially of high performing car washes and those of multi-site wash companies are avidly proud and guarded. This is true for good reason as they have worked incredibly hard for what is most likely most of their life to build the successful business they have built.

After you're confident in your potential car wash universe of targets, it's now time to take that car wash population and filter it into which washes can be acquired and at what price and cost.

Determining whether a wash can be bought is something we at Car Wash Advisory consider to be our bread and butter. We are well known and regarded in the industry and the respect of privacy and seriousness we take every engagement and client with provides us with open lines of communication with owners across the industry.



Determining the Right Price

Car wash pricing and valuation is best explained as "simply complex". The reason this play on word is the most apt and fitting depiction of valuations in this industry is because valuing a car wash is simple at its core but missing the hidden valuation adjustment factors tips the scales in the orders of magnitudes, not rounding errors. This high magnitude of easily missed incorrect valuation work is inherent in all highly specialized industries and is most certainly true and existent in the car wash industry.

The Car Wash Advisory Team has a deeply rooted background in investment banking, financing, and investing. Valuations are our specialty. We're here to make sure you pay the correct (or discounted) price for the car washes you're in search of.

Negotiating the Purchase of Your Car Washes

Knowing how much you should be willing to pay for a car wash and actually acquiring it for that price are two separate things.

Car Wash Advisory is here and able to step in and negotiate for you, so you pay the correct price. Specialized industry negotiations are bolstered and hinge upon correct and strong conveyance of the specialized aspects of the industry. We're here to help and we bring exactly that to the table for you.



Obtaining Necessary Capital and Financing

Setting up the correct and optimal financing and capital structure for your car wash acquisitions or new car wash development projects or build is so nuanced we've created an entire divisional focus on it.

Whether looking for the necessary equity investors to sit junior to the senior secured debt and unsecured mezzanine facility you have already arranged and setup, or whether you need a single SBA 7(a) loan for your first car wash purchase, you're in good hands and will achieve optimal financing for your car wash with CWA.

Closing on The Purchase of Your Car Wash

The moment is finally here. You've confidently determined what car wash types and criteria define your definition of "right" for you. You've found the exact right washes for you and have successfully communicated to and negotiated with the current owner. You've come to agreement on price, terms and have even secured the necessary financing. Now it's time to close.

One of the most misunderstood facts and misconceptions of business acquisition and ownership is the complexity of and necessity to manage the closing process. With several parties involved on both sides, the perennial and always dreaded concept of compounding error inevitably rears its head.

Having an intermediary to ensure both timely and successful closing is often the single best decision a car wash buyer can make during the buying process.



Why Use Us When Buying or Investing?

Car Washes are a specialty business in every and all definitions of the term. To understand and act optimally and prudently within the industry requires the specialized and specific knowledge that comes along with its specialty nature.

Car Wash Advisory is a full-service M&A Advisory and Business Broker that focuses solely and exclusively on carwashes nationwide throughout the entire country. Having this pinpoint focus allows us to provide unparalleled services to buyers considering the car wash industry no matter what stage of exploration or execution you are in.

We at Car Wash Advisory take great pride in the service we provide to each and every one of our clients. See for yourself what Car Wash Advisory clients are saying by visiting our car wash customer testimonials page.

If you're in need of other specific car wash buyer related services, such as car wash appraisals, car wash business plans, or car wash fairness opinions, see our buyer services.