March 3, 2022

Driven Brands Car Wash North America Acquires Four Wash 'N Roll Car Wash

Driven Brands Car Wash has announced the acquisition of four Wash ‘N Roll Car Wash locations in the Nashville, Tennessee area. This brings the total number of Driven Brands Car Wash locations in the state of Tennessee to 35. Driven Brands also announced the acquisition of two Smith Global Car Wash locations in London, KY.

Smith Global Car Wash was the first to introduce express car washes to the London community. Utilizing the latest in car wash technology, the car wash boasts an average 4.55 Google rating.

“The Driven Brands Car Wash team has been a fantastic group of people to work with, and I’m happy that the business I built is in good hands,” said Scott Smith, president and CEO of Smith Global, whose company has real estate holdings in food, tourism and entertainment businesses. “I’m very pleased with how smoothly the transaction went and excited about the benefits Driven Brands Car Wash offers for my former team. As a matter of fact, my son has remained as a part of their team to manage on of the locations.”

In Tennessee, Wash ‘N Roll is the largest operator of express tunnel car washes, delivering a best-in-class car wash experience. They offer several flexible membership offerings and have a loyal customer following.

“This is our third transaction with the Driven Brands Car Wash team, and they are truly a pleasure to work with,” said Brian Peterson, partner at Wash ‘N Roll Car Wash. “They are extremely professional and maintain excellent communication throughout the process. I look forward to an ongoing relationship.”

“Wash ‘N Roll has a great reputation across Tennessee, and we are pleased to add four more of their locations to the Driven Brands network of car washes,” said John Teddy, president of Driven Brands Car Wash North America.