Car Wash
M&A Advisory

Sellside Investment Bank for Selling Multiple Car Washes


Car Wash Advisory is the nations leading investment bank and M&A Advisor specializing in representing those looking to sell their multi-site car wash companies.

Our bulge bracket and traditional investment banking background, combined with our comprehensive industry knowledge and pinpoint focus allows us to advise, lead, and execute traditional M&A services and sellside processes with a level of professionalism results unparalleled in the industry.

Our Sellside Process


Meeting of the Minds


  • Meet the CWA M&A Advisory Team
  • Confidentiality is both verbally and legally established
  • CWA performs our internal diligence, analysis, valuation, and pricing to provide you with the deliverables necessary to have a meaningful conversation about what the sellside process of your car washes would look like


  • Custom proposed closed private sellside process plan with exact buyer list


Stage I

  • Determine and finalize private invite participant list
  • Create Stage I teasers
  • Populate data room
  • Distribute Stage I teasers


Stage II

  • Setup and manage dataroom access
  • Schedule management meetings
  • Facilitate appropriate site visits
  • Handle diligence requests



  • Review and analyze bids
  • Decide on offer to accept
  • Close
  • Collect and distribute proceeds
  • Celebrate confidently achieving the best outcome

M&A Advisory vs. Brokerage

M&A Sellside Advisory is a traditional investment banking sellside advisory process. The difference to you, being the owner and seller is the way in which your sell process is approached and handled by the CWA Team.

The reason a different approach is taken for selling a multi-site package of car washes as opposed to a single site is simple; it addresses the precise intricacies specific to multi-site packages to produce the best result.

A $50MM car wash company with seven car washes, a consolidated and structured back office support and admin team, and a hiearchial management structure is vastly different than a single site car wash. A single site car wash is a ‘small business’ in all senses of the term. A single site car wash, given the specialty nature of the car wash business is akin to other single and double site operations. A multi-site car wash company is just that, a ‘company’, and is more akin to a corporation in many ways than a single site car wash.

M&A Sellside Advisory processes focus on addressing and optimizing for the two large differences that exist in, and what produces optimal results for car wash owners and sellers; targeting the correct acquiror or buyer universe, and addressing the risks and concerns that can potentially come from a selling process and which are specific to multi-site car wash operators.

Sellside M&A Advisory services here at CWA is the traditional, professional, and tried and true investment banking service that produces the optimal results for current car wash companies looking for a liquidity event for all their hard work and for the incredible resulting multi-site car wash company they have created.

Next Steps?

Although M&A Sellside processes are most times very quick processes once the front-loaded work is done, it’s important for you to take your time when evaluating and determining the appropriate and best investment bank or M&A Advisor to represent you. Take your time and we highly encourage you to speak to at least a few potential advisors. Whereas the price elasticity of single car wash sites is minimal and this could not be further from the truth and case for multi-site M&A. A different advisor can mean the difference of tens, or hundreds of millions of dollars to the seller. Make sure you are completely confident that the advisor your are considering for sellside representation knows the car wash industry and what makes your specific car washes and company different than other industry operators, and that the advisor brings an ultimate level of professionalism, industry and non-industry network, and competency.

If you would like to speak confidentially with the Car Wash Advisory M&A Advisory Team, please feel free to contact us or call us anytime and we would be delighted to confidentially discuss what a potential sale of your car washes could and would look like.

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