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Know Your Options

You have many options when considering selling your car wash.

Whether you sell yourself as an owner, use a generalist real estate broker, a regular business broker, or a specialist broker like ourselves, there are tradeoffs depending on the method you choose.

Do yourself the favor and make sure to at least explore all the options you have for selling you car wash.

If you do decide to use a broker - know all brokers are not equal. Treat the decision of choosing your car wash broker with as much consideration as you gave the decision of selling your car wash in the first place.


Know The Selling Process

Process is key to achieving successful results in most things. Selling your car wash is no exception.

Whether using an intermediary, or selling your car wash yourself, the outcome you experience will be largely dependent on the effort, time, care, and process put forth.

Ill-defined, haphazard, or lazy approaches yield subpar results.

At the very least, ensure that whoever is leading the sale has a defined process in place and is able to explain exactly why the process is the way it is. Processes should be based on hard industry experience, results, and methodical conclusions.

The hard truth is that a meaningful and effective process requires a significant investment of time, care, and commitment. But the payoff for such, especially for the car wash owner and seller, is well worth it.

Why Work with CWA?

Car Wash Advisory is different from other brokers in the way of specialized industry focus, professionalism, execution, and the level of pride we take in our work and the services we provide.

Some of the ways CWA is different than other brokers are:

Complete Confidentiality

  • Selling your car wash is no one else's business but yours

Comprehensive Buyer Universe

  • Direct relationships to the entire universe of potential buyers

Direct Answers with No Runaround

  • How much is your car wash worth?
  • How long would it take to sell?

Proactive and Optimal Process

  • No waiting for the right buyers to find the car wash
  • We proactively find the right buyers


Our Services - We Sell Car Washes

Selling car washes is our specialty. Although we have expanded to offer car wash buyer services, and car wash financing services, we originally entered the car wash industry with the singular focus on selling car washes. Selling washes is what we do best and are confident we do better than anyone else.

Unlike the express car wash model, our car wash broker model is full service. We do everything. From helping you decide whether it's the right move and time for you to sell (which it very well may not be), to the day of closing, we handle it all and we do all of it professionally and optimally. "Everything" includes, but is not limited to:

  Valuation Analysis

  Marketing Campaign

  Buyer Vetting

  Negotiations and Closing

Our experience helps us get deals over the finish lines. This should be the time when you are celebrating with your family.

CWA Promise

Car Wash Advisory does not accept all clients. Whether due to a disconnect in expected price, or knowledge that there may be a better brokerage for your specific situation, Car Wash Advisory doesn’t waste anyone’s time.

We at Car Wash Advisory take what we do very seriously. We pride ourselves in the level of success and professionalism we provide to our clients. The level of results and execution we provide is strongly enabled by our industry specialization.

We don't believe that anyone, nor any firm, can successfully be experts in all business types. That's why we focus on car washes and only car washes. The type of broker you use for selling your car wash can make a big difference. We are true specialists and always will be.

When Car Wash Advisory onboards a client, we do so knowing we will sell and get the best result possible.

Accepting the first offer is rarely the correct choice, and CWA doesn’t advise clients to accept any offer. CWA ensures the client receives, and advises they accept, the best offer.

When you do decide it's time to sell - know you have options and there are several ways and methods available for selling your car wash. Explore them all and decide which is best for you and your goals.

Have Questions? We Hope So!

Deciding to sell your car wash is not a small decision. Building your car washes and making them the businesses they are today didn't happen overnight and was far from easy. Chances are, it took you a significant portion of your life! You should have questions when it comes to such a significant decision.

Thank goodness we're here. Because selling car washes is exactly what we do, and we're big fans of answering questions. Give us a call or contact us anytime. We'd be happy to chat.


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