Car Wash Advisory Partners With Eric Harrison

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  • There are several different types of car washes that can be categorized by several different terms, including machinery, structure, and washing method.
  • Car washes can be further described by their features, like manual, automatic, in-bay, tunnel, conveyor, friction, touchless, and more. These terms can be mixed and matched to discern between the many different types of car washes.
  • Understanding the different types of car washes, as well as the cost of building a car wash, is critical in successfully making the purchase or sale of a car wash business.
June 23, 2022

Car Wash Advisory Partners With Eric Harrison

In a recent press release, Car Wash Advisory announced its partnership with Eric Harrison as the business’s new chief financial officer. Throughout his career, Eric has built, owned, and operated four separate successful car wash businesses. Additionally, he achieved both successful exits and sales to Mister Car Wash and WhiteWater Express. This gives Eric the hands-on experience to provide sound financial advice for those looking to sell or exit their car wash businesses. 

But that’s not all, Eric also has seen success with several other business ventures. Harry Caruso, CEO, and founder of Car Wash Advisory had this to say about Eric: “Eric is not only bringing over twenty years of direct multi-location car wash ownership and operations experience but also brings so much more in joining Car Wash Advisory’s leadership team. Eric brings an innately matching cultural fit that we are so very excited about and so very fortunate to have with us.” 

Car Wash Advisory is excited to see what Eric can do as a new addition to their team with his years of experience. For any individual looking to buy or sell a car wash, Eric Harrison will be a great place to look for leadership and advice. Learn more in this coverage of the press release from

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