August 18, 2022

Car Wash Advisory Helps Blue Hen Car Wash Sell

In an August 2022 press release, Car Wash Advisory announced that they’ve helped their client, Blue Hen Car Wash, successfully sell to the Wills Group’s Splash In ECO Car Wash. 

Founded in 2013, Blue Hen is a two-site express car wash brand based in Delaware, owned and operated by Jack Quinn. With locations in Newark and North Wilmington, the mission of Blue Hen is to provide a friendly, fast, clean, and shiny car wash experience to each and every customer at a great value. All this while demonstrating environmental responsibility, as well as supporting the Delaware community as a whole. 

On the buyer side, Wills Group is headquartered in La Plata, Maryland, and operates over 280 retail locations across the Mid-Atlantic region, including businesses like Splash In ECO Car Wash, Dash In, and SMO Motor Fuels. Family-owned since 1926, the Wills Group is ecstatic to bring Blue Hen under the wing of their company. 

To learn more about the merger, check out the press release here: