Automatic + Self-Serve Carwash - MO

Automatic + Self-Serve Carwash - MO
This opportunity is no longer for sale and active.
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Landmark tunnel car wash for sale in one of North Carolina’s prime growing and desirable geographies. Wonderful location, flexible setup, and a long-standing and well-established brand presence with high community recognition.


This carwash sits directly upon the corner of a major four-way intersection. Well over 25K cars pass by this wash every day.

The wash sits upon well over half an acre of prime real estate and features a layout that provides ample frontage and visibility. The flexible layout allows for high-volume washing.

The real estate is currently leased by the wash and the lease is being sold with the business, not ownership of the underlying real estate itself. The long-term lease features favorable terms including modestly set rent of $4,200 per month and features 16 years remaining on the lease term as it currently stands today (with the potential option to extend even further).


This car wash is currently configured as a full-service wash but also offers both express exterior and full detail offerings as well. Easily converted to a more traditional flex model or even a pure express exterior model if desired by the new owner.

Facility and Equipment

100ft conveyorized tunnel, separate vacuuming setup and stations, and canopied sections for detailing and customer waiting.

Equipment at this site is very well maintained with all major components either replaced or properly serviced within the past couple of years.


This car wash grosses +$650K in sales each year - consistently and without fail. Even after rent and a fully staffed full-service personnel team, this wash still converts ~$350K to EBITDA annually.


Local and relevant competition in the surrounding area is minimal.

Next Owner

This car wash provides an attractive opportunity for all potential car wash buyer types. First time owners can take confidence in the stable and consistent cash flows and long-standing history that this wash produces and features. Experienced car wash owners and operators will see tremendous value in the both the current operation and the potential improvements and changes that can be made to take this wash to even the next level.


Financing is readily available for this car wash via SBA and Bank Debt. Qualified interested buyers can expect to put anywhere from 10 – 25% down depending.


Located in a high growth, densely populated, and highly coveted geography of North Carolina, this wash is an excellent and attractive opportunity for anyone looking to purchase a car wash and produce consistent and significant cash flows.

Broker Information and Disclosure

This car wash (internal listing ID NC-011) is under an exclusive listing agreement with:

Harry H. Caruso
Limited Nonresident Commercial Real Estate Licensee of North Carolina
Real Broker Commercial LLC
NC License: LC785