Buying a Car Wash

Where in the Buying Process Are You?


Done your research and know what you want - see our exclusive listings for car washes for sale around the nation.

We are very selective in sellers and car wash opportunities we represent. Therefore, we may not be representing an opportunity fitting what you are in the market for. Common other sites where other car washes for sale can be found include BizBuySell, BizQuest, and LoopNet.

If you are an institutional buyer and looking for portfolio’s, please contact us directly and we can qualify you for, and invite you to, our closed structured processes on a case-by-case basis.


In the market to acquire a car wash but need help with part of the process? Our car wash buyer services are here to help.

These select services for car wash buyers have been designed to be as helpful as possible.

Each service is tailored to definitively assist in overcoming any specific hurdle that may be standing between you and owning your dream car wash and business.


If you’re early on in your car wash buying process, the best thing to do is to learn.

Learn everything and anything there is to know about the industry, what owning a car wash entails, financing feasibility, different car wash types, and more.

Our Learning Center is constantly being updated and has been designed to provide meaningful coverage and depth on all topics a car wash buyer should be fluent in.

Although we do our best to cover everything, if there’s a specific topic you would want covered and currently is not – let us know!