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Harry Caruso

Founder and CEO

Car Wash Advisory was founded by and is lead by Harry H. Caruso. After graduating summa cum laude from Lehigh University with dual degrees in Industrial Engineering and Finance, Harry has spent his career traversing the worlds of investing, finance, machine learning.

Harry’s career started in Healthcare investment banking. From there, Harry has been fortunate enough to help build what was a financial technology “startup” into a major corporation, do direct cross-capital structure investing at a $500MM hedge fund, and even bring a machine learning company through it’s most exciting stages of growth.

Although not directly reflected in his professional career, before Harry entered the working force, he used to be a true “car guy”. Harry self taught himself to build performance car engines and used to build, tune, and race cars himself. Although the professional world has taken a hold of him, cars and the automotive industry will always be a large part of Harry’s personal life.


Abigail Fasano

Chief Operating Officer

Abigail graduated from Lesley University in Cambridge, MA where she obtained a degree in Psychology with a minor in Cognitive Neuroscience. Abigail has spent her career enhancing operational functioning, promoting efficiency, and contributing to the growth and success of the companies that she has been a part of.

Abigail’s career began in the hospitality industry, where she worked in various customer-facing roles that tested and strengthened her versatility, perception, efficiency, and interpersonal skills. Abigail eventually transitioned to working in real estate, for a Boston-based company that developed affordable housing nationwide. In this role, Abigail developed systems for organizing data that contributed to increased efficiency, cultivated and maintained relationships with stakeholders, collaborated on the management of various projects, and engaged with community partners.

During her time in Boston, Abigail supported and assisted in the development of a Girlx Only Leadership Program. An objective started after the former Mayor E. Denise Simmons after partnering with the local YWCA. The program serves female and nonbinary youth in the Cambridge community and focuses on promoting empowerment and resiliency. Abigail is a strong believer in the power and potential that can be harnessed when community is valued and prioritized.


Brittany Webb

Sr. Financial Analyst

As a true New Englander with a degree in Finance from Sacred Heart University, Brittany has spent the past years focused on improving the financial impact of business decisions for companies. In addition to aiding small businesses on their journey to endmost potential, she is driven by the interactions with others and has a heart to be ready and available for any desired financial conversations with our clients in order to work towards the best possible options.

Brittany is passionate about growth and cares deeply about progression over perfection. She has always been curious about analyzing industry trends and if there is anything she has learned throughout her career, it’s to stay informed and be open to every learning opportunity.

When not crunching numbers or speaking with our clientele, Brittany is a mom of one who enjoys spending time cooking and playing music. At the end of the day, bringing a fresh perspective as well as thoughts on diversity and inclusion in the workplace is top priority. These topics are meaningful and non-negotiable for a rich and thriving work environment.


Colin May

Managing Director

Colin joined Car Wash Advisory and CWA Capital Partners in 2021, bringing his many years of capital markets and investment banking experience with him.

In 2014, Mr. May joined Capital Canada in 2014, where Colin successfully executed various types of transactions for clients, including M&A transactions, equity and debt financings, and valuations. Mr. May has diverse transaction experience across a range of industries, including aviation, restaurants and retail, real estate, consumer packaged goods, financial services and cannabis.

Prior to joining Capital Canada, Mr. May worked for the Government of Ontario in various accounting and financial management roles. He received his Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies degree from University of Western Ontario, with specialization in Finance, and is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Charterholder.

What We Are

Car Wash Advisory is an M&A advisory firm that focuses exclusively on car washes. At our core, we’re a car wash broker. We sell car washes for owners, as well as advise those looking to enter or expand in the industry through acquisitions.

Who We Serve

Our clientele spans the entire universe of the car wash market. There is no deal too small, nor too big. Although selective in the clientele we represent and advise, there are no “hard” criteria for us.

We will sell a single self-serve doing $200K in revenue, and we’ll sell a portfolio package of twenty car washes collectively producing $19MM in revenue. What’s important to us isn’t the size of the deal, but our ability to facilitate meaningful transactions and deliver a service and end result to our clients that we stand confident in as being head and shoulders above what otherwise could have been provided by another broker or advisor.

What We Stand For

Car Wash Advisory was built after being exposed to the intermediaries in the car wash industry and being rather disappointed in the values held by many of those involved. We take our values and principles very seriously and won’t sacrifice them for the world.

You can always count on us to take pride in our honesty, transparency, and professionalism. We take what we do very seriously. Our results and client testimonials reflect such.

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