Client Testimonials

Trusted Across the Car Wash and Real Estate Industries


Car Wash Advisory sold my wash for more than expected and faster than expected. Simply great
- M. Wasik, Car Wash Seller

Prior carwash experience?
Owned 1 car wash for 19 years, built it from the ground up.

What did you use CWA for?
Selling my carwash

Did you hesitate using CWA?
No, I actually felt more comfortable withy CWA since they specialize in car washes. I would have been a bit more hesitant if working with a general business broker since the car wash business is a unique entity.

Did CWA accomplish your goals?
We sold the wash at close to the full asking price in the middle of COVID-19.

Favorite part of working with CWA?
Harry was great to work with, he kept us informed with weekly updates.

Dislikes of working with CWA?
No, we had a great experience.

How many stars for CWA?

Would You Recommend CWA to other Car Wash Sellers?
Yes, CWA understands the car wash business and have a lot of connections in the car wash business.


It was a pleasure working with CWA. I look forward to working on more transactions in the future
- T. Diaz, Real Estate Broker

In what capacity did you work with Car Wash Advisory?
I co-brokered a car wash sale with Car Wash Advisory and am currently doing the same for several other washes.

Did you have any concerns when co-brokering with Car Wash Advisory?
Well, initially I had no idea who they were. But I’m glad I took the leap of faith. Everything was smooth and easy.

How many stars out of five would you rate your experience of working with Car Wash Advisory?

Are you planning to work with Car Wash Advisory again in the future?
Yes! We are working together on several deals now.


Harry and CWA were different than any other car wash broker. I felt confident the entire time
- T. Sullivan, Car Wash Buyer

Prior carwash experience?
I worked in the industry for 5 years, with 2 years as a manager.

Did CWA represent you in the transaction?
No. CWA technically represented The seller.

Did you have your own broker?
No, I didn’t feel the need to have a broker. CWA seemed to have both mine and the sellers best interest in mind.

Dislikes of working with CWA?
Nothing at all.

How many stars for CWA?
Five out of Five

Will you use CWA if you sell in the future?

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