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Car Wash Valuations can often seem inexplicable. They're not, never will be, and never should be. Valuations do contain intangible and qualitative inputs, but should always be based on sound quantitative and qualitative methodologies.

An opinion of value delivers a concise, meaningful, and tangible number as to a car wash businesses (and related real estates) worth today.

A proper and meaningful valuation and opinion of value for a car wash must take into account the whole picture.



The purpose of an Opinion of Value for a car wash is to determine it's market value today. Today's market value for a car wash may or may not depend on the current level of financial performance of the car wash and in certain instances is more accurately based upon pro-forma potential. Despite the valuation weighting and methodologies most appropriate for car wash valuations being variable dependent upon the specific situation and carwash, an Opinion of Value to determine a what a car wash is worth is most often used and useful for:
  • Car wash buyers looking to verify whether overpaying
  • Lenders (especially unsecured junior lenders) looking for a fairness opinion type verification

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Here at Car Wash Advisory we value car washes all over the country on a daily basis. The importance of paying the appropriate and correct price for a given car wash cannot be overstated. Even though car wash lenders intrinsically place some rough and soft constraints on valuations, if you are using external financing solutions for acquiring a car wash, this does not lessen the importance of still paying the appropriate price for a wash.

A Car Wash Advisory prepared Opinion of value will provide you with the comfort and confidence needed to move forward with a car wash transaction, whether as a lender, an equity investor, or a purchaser and soon to be operator.

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