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Asking Price:



TYPE: Full Service

OWNER: Part Time

TUNNEL: 100ft

AREA: Hudson County, NJ

FINANCING: Available

REVENUE: $340,000

CASH FLOW: $135,000


TYPE: Full Service

OWNER: Part Time

TUNNEL: 100ft





FINANCING: Available


Here is an opportunity to take a car wash to the next level. This car wash was recently reopened, is quickly growing, and has big potential. Located in an area with little competition, and situated on a favorable lot, this car wash is a great opportunity for an owner looking to get involved in the car wash business. Previously configured as a fully automatic conveyor tunnel, this wash is all laid out for this type of setup. The current owner, who purchased and reopened the wash after it was closed for a period, is currently running the wash as a hand tunnel wash.

Real Estate is leased. Terms may be somewhat negotiable for the buyer and new owner.


4,300 square foot tunnel building sitting on a 1/3 acre lot. The tunnel is 100ft in length.

Facility and Equipment

Current owner of this wash has spent roughly $100K since purchasing and reopening the facility months ago. The wash features much new equipment including signage, arches, sprayers, blowers, etc.

This wash can either be kept as a hand tunnel wash and can continue to grow on it's current trajectory, or it can be converted back into a conveyorized automatic tunnel. If kept as a hand tunnel wash, no additional capital expenditures of any significance will be needed. If the new owner does want to re-convert into an automatic conveyorized tunnel, there will be some signficant capital investment required to do so. This is reflected in the pricing of this wash.


This wash is already washing over 2500 cars a month (even with COVID) and is doing so with a ~$15 avg. ticket price. This pales in comparison to what this wash will be doing in six months from now with the right owner. This wash is currently growing at an average rate of 17% per month since it opened just months ago – and shows no signs of slowing down.

In the hands of a dedicated operator and owner, this wash is capable of $500k - $600k in annual revenue.


There is very little to no direct competition immediately around this car wash.

History and Background

This car wash was closed for a period of time before the new and current owner purchased and re-opened it less than a year ago. This owners original intent was to re-convert this wash to its past state of being an automatic conveyorized tunnel. Completely independent personal reasons have caused this to no longer be the plan, and the owner is looking to sell the wash due to said unrelated reasons.

Next Owner

Here is an opporutunity to pick up where the current owner is leaving off and to bring this car wash to the next level.


Financing is potentially available for the appropriate buyer.

Broker Information and Disclosure

This car wash (internal listing ID NJ-009) is under an exclusive listing agreement with:

Harry H. Caruso
CWA & Real Broker Commercial LLC
NY License: 10401336251

Daniel A. Davidson
Real Broker Commercial LLC
NJ License: 9908433

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