Full Service Car Wash - NJ


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TYPE: Full Service

OWNER: Active

TUNNEL: 125ft

AREA: New Jersey

FINANCING: Available

REVENUE: $1,400,000

CASH FLOW: $600,000


TYPE: Full Service

OWNER: Active

TUNNEL: 125ft





FINANCING: Available


Here is a true full-service car wash that exemplifies this wash model done right. Everything about this wash, from the location, to the building, to the branding, to the equipment – all of it has been done right. The figures, both on an absolute basis and growth basis, reflect the level of execution and quality of this car wash.


This car wash is located on an extremely high traffic four lane highway where over 43K cars drive by the wash each day. Sandwiched right between big box stores on both sides, this location cannot be explained as anything but fantastic.

Real Estate

This wash sits on over +1.25 acres and this land is included in the sale for the new buyer. This prime real estate provides a very significant tangible asset base for a new owner.

Facility and Equipment

With the building having been erected in 2012, a complete revamp occurring in 2017, and no expenses being spared anywhere along the way, this wash is in pristine condition. Even despite currently selling, the owner continues to reinvest not only in repairs, maintenance, and upkeep, but also in improvements and the implementation of the most cutting-edge technologies in the car wash sector.

This wash boasts a 125ft tunnel with new, top-of-the-line, and well-maintained equipment throughout. In addition to this massive conveyorized tunnel centerpiece, this car wash features a wonderful lobby and waiting area, three detail bays, a separate greeter terminal, an indoor cashier station, two employee break rooms, multiple restrooms, and an office.

In the way of equipment, this wash has an ICS Tunnel Controller and POS, a full premium water reclaim system, central vacuum setup, new compressors, a large blower setup with VFD’s, and the list goes on.


This car wash has experienced, and continues to experience, nothing but growth since the current owner purchased the wash in 2017. From 2017 to now, this car wash has experienced true 30% growth per year. 2019 full year sales are up nearly 70% from 2017 figures.

During the year of 2019 this car wash produced over $1.4MM in gross sales and washed over 66K cars with a ~$21 average ticket. Of that revenue, and while running labor, payroll, and staffing at generous levels, this wash netted the current owner $600K in EBITDA (42% EBITDA Margin).


This wash faces no competition within a three-mile radius and completely owns the local market.


Financing is available in the ways of conventional bank financing and SBA financing.


If you are in the market for a full-service car wash done right, with no corners cut, and with a loyal and continuously growing customer base – this is the wash for you.

Broker Information and Disclosure

This car wash (internal listing ID NJ-014) is under an exclusive listing agreement with:

Harry H. Caruso
CWA & Real Broker Commercial LLC
NY License: 10401336251

Daniel A. Davidson
Real Broker Commercial LLC
NJ License: 9908433

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