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TYPE: Full Service

OWNER: Investor

TUNNEL: 100ft

AREA: Pennsylvania

FINANCING: Available

REVENUE: $1,425,000

CASH FLOW: $375,000


TYPE: Full Service

OWNER: Investor

TUNNEL: 100ft





FINANCING: Available


This is a premium and modern full-service car wash in a prime location. This full-service car wash cleans well over 55K cars a year while offering customers a full spectrum of wash services. Located on an attractive site in a densely populated affluent area, this car wash boasts a ~$26 average ticket per car.

Every part of this car wash is premium and every part of its creation and setup was carefully and meticulously chosen. Featuring a 100ft conveyorized tunnel, several large full detail bays, and much more - this wash has it all. This setup allows this car wash to provide everything from standard full-service washes, to extreme detailing, to headlight restoration, to even ding repair. The comprehensiveness of this car wash’s high quality offerings and services has created a large and unyielding customer base.


This car wash sits on prime real estate on a highly trafficked main road in the center of its surrounding population.

The land under the wash is leased by the current owners and has 21 years remaining with multiple options to extend. This lease also includes a transferable Right of First Refusal for the lessee to purchase the land.


The facility is 7,500 sq. ft. and was designed and constructed specifically as a full-service car wash and detailing center.

In addition to the 100 ft wash tunnel, the facility has four garage bays for detailing, a customer lobby, office, and a covered outdoor waiting area for guests.

Facility and Equipment

The wash’s equipment, machinery, and technology are all top-notch. Most the physical equipment is Belanger. This wash features both DRB SiteWatch and DRB WebConnect.

The current owners have always made significant reinvestments into the site and equipment – resulting in equipment that is currently in great shape.


This wash features a full team of loyal, tenured, and reliable employees and management. Systems and infrastructure surrounding the wash’s operations have been perfected to a science, making it an opportunity where a new owner can step right in and truly hit the ground running.


During 2019 this wash washed over 55k cars, produced ~$1.5mm of Revenue, and netted ~$415k in EBITDA. This wash, although very high performing, still has room for both some top-line growth and even more room for margin expansion.

During the latest trailing twelve months, as of July 2020, this wash produced ~$1.425mm in Gross Sales and ~$375k in Cash Flow on an adjusted basis.


This wash is the only full-service carwash around. This wash owns the entire local market of discerning and caring car owners who prefer a full-service top-of-the-line offering when caring for their cars.


Qualified buyers can obtain favorable financing terms in the ways of both conventional and SBA financing for this car wash.


Here is a true premium full-service car wash done right in the modern age. The level of quality and consistency this wash offers has allowed it to forge a well-known and attractive brand image in the local community and garner a loyal and large customer base.

For those looking for a premium turnkey full-service car wash – this is the car wash for you.

Broker Information and Disclosure

This car wash (internal listing ID PA-012) is under an exclusive listing agreement with:

Harry H. Caruso
CWA & Real Broker Commercial LLC
NY License: 10401336251

Daniel A. Davidson
Real Broker LLC
PA License: RBR002699

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