Express Car Wash - PA


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TYPE: Express

OWNER: Passive

TUNNEL: +100ft

AREA: Pennsylvania

FINANCING: Available

REVENUE: $1,400,000

CASH FLOW: $900,000


TYPE: Express

OWNER: Passive

TUNNEL: +100ft





FINANCING: Available


Here is a long-standing high-volume express tunnel car wash that exemplifies what this type of wash looks like when everything is done right. Incredible margins, new and high-end equipment, long-standing history, no competition, and consistent growth. This car wash is currently washing in excess of 100K cars per year – and this is without a membership program even setup!

Impact of COVID

Despite seeing a slight dip in the worst months during COVID, this wash has more than fully recovered and is actually up in 2020 from its 2019 levels. On an adjusted basis, this wash is up even more (in the ways of car count and sales).


Situated on an attractive, high traffic, and corner lot acre of land (included in sale price).

Facility and Equipment

The site and equipment at this site are in impeccable condition and are the absolute top-of-the-line. Featuring custom-built systems, AVW equipment, and Sonny’s pay stations. Not a single cost was spared at this wash and the owner has consistently reinvested significant capital to keep this wash in tiptop shape.


Over the past twelve months (as of July 2020), this car wash generated ~$1.4MM of revenue. Gross revenue has consistently grown 10% year-over-year during the past three years.

All factors work towards allowing this wash to have best-in-industry margins. This wash features partial well water, custom mixed chemicals and low property taxes. This car wash made ~$900K of EBITDA during the last twelve months.


Both traditional commercial financing and SBA financing are available for buyers of this wash. Buyers who would like to utilize financing should expect to be required to put down 15% - 20% down.


In terms of car washes, it really doesn’t get better than this. High performing washes of this type and of this level truly don’t come around very often.

Broker Information and Disclosure

This car wash (internal listing ID PA-011) is under an exclusive listing agreement with:

Harry H. Caruso
CWA & Real Broker Commercial LLC
NY License: 10401336251

Daniel A. Davidson
Real Broker LLC
PA License: RBR002699

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